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          / 形式筹款的慈善



          每种形式在年内每年为他们筹集资金7至10提名的慈善机构。除了12年和参与“世界上最大的咖啡早茶” 13个募集资金为麦克米伦癌症的治疗。今年7名学生支持英国麻风救济协会(麻风)与一系列主办的活动和一个有趣的“麻风锻炼”,每年筹集数千英镑。今年11名学生组织一场慈善不均匀天每半学期和组件到整个学校介绍他们所选择的慈善机构。 cchsg人员通过例如捐赠给当地的慈善机构,而不是寄圣诞卡和支持学校不均匀天参与慈善事业筹款。

          The school has a special link with the Catherine Bullen Foundation, set up by Linda and Roger Bullen in memory of their daughter Catherine who was a former student at the school. Catherine tragically died of severe gastro-enteritis in Namibia, having been in Africa to gain medical experience for her elective placement in her fifth year of medical school at Bristol University. Her parents have set up the Foundation which funds community based projects including the provision of fresh water supplies, medical and educational facilities in the Omaheke region of north East Namibia. Students and staff regularly contribute to the Foundation raising money through a range of activities the most recent being a Bio-Bake Off as part of National 科学 Week. Mr & Mrs Bullen present an annual achievement award to a Year 13 student who is progressing from CCHSG to study Medicine.


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